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To view in fullscreen, open the image in a new tab (left click on one of the two versions to the right and "View Image" or "Open Image  in New Tab") then press F11 to fullscreen and "Escape" to exit. 1080p or higher screen is required; recommended you set your resolution to 1080p before viewing.

For additional easter eggs, you'll need to download Paint.NET, a free image editor that I used to make it (link below), and check/uncheck the layers after opening the "JUICY_Paint.NET" file. The full pack is available via the " Download Now " link at the bottom.

Feel free to recolor JUICY: the bottom right of each layer has the palette for that layer. If you hold SHIFT while clicking, you can change the color of every area on that layer where the clicked on color presides. At the very bottom of the layers I even included my 8.5x11 ink scan that I used to set up the pixeling.

Took 2.5 months full time to complete from the first sketch on paper; at least quarantine finally gave me the time to get something done. Gotta' pull something decent out of it I guess.


Paint.NET link - https://www.getpaint.net/download.html

Choose the " dotPDN " Mirror Host


Next project's aiming to be a short Gradius/Contra hybrid game: (Animations and examples over here - https://imgur.com/a/HIr8T2e).


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JUICY - Pack.zip 8 MB


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Great work

Do you have Twitter account or Instagram or anything ?

Please I wanna to see more of your art !!


I haven't posted anything to it yet, but I'm sure I'll surprise you if you give me some time. I may be a bit delayed this year though.